Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign in Detail

In December 2007, the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded a $1 million challenge grant—NEH's largest single award in Texas—for the Byrne-Reed House purchase and restoration. The NEH grant required Humanities Texas to raise $3 million in matching funds.

In October 2010, Humanities Texas closed out its campaign with a generous gift of $79,000 from the Tobin Endowment of San Antonio.

Throughout the campaign the organization received several significant grants for the Byrne-Reed House restoration:

$333,000 from the Still Water Foundation of Austin—the largest grant from a private foundation in the council's thirty-five-year history; $185,000 from the Fleming Endowment of Houston; $175,000 from The Brown Foundation, Inc., of Houston; $100,000 from the Amon Carter Foundation of Fort Worth; $100,000 from the T. L. L. Temple Foundation of Lufkin; $100,000 from the Summerlee Foundation of Dallas; $100,000 from the Scurlock Foundation of Houston; $50,000 from the Houston Endowment; $50,000 from the Eugene McDermott Foundation of Dallas; $45,000 from the Perkins-Prothro Foundation of Wichita Falls; $30,000 from the Dian Graves Owen Foundation of Abilene; $25,000 from the Hillcrest Foundation of Dallas; $20,000 from the Hoblitzelle Foundation, also of Dallas; $10,000 from the Gregorios Charitable Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation; $10,000 from the Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation of Dallas; $7,500 from the Jastrow Foundation of Austin; $5,000 from the Hoglund Foundation of Dallas; $5,000 from the Dorothea Leonhardt Fund of the Communities Foundation of Texas; and $5,000 from Nicholas and Louella Martin Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas; and. In addition, the Texas Historical Commission awarded Humanities Texas a $25,000 Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant.

These grants, along with earlier grants of $25,000 from the Mincberg Charitable Foundation of Houston; $22,500 from the Inge Foundation of Granbury; $20,000 from the T. J. Brown and C. A. Lupton Foundation of Fort Worth; $15,000 from The William A. and Madeline Welder Smith Foundation of Houston; and $10,000 from the Vick Family Foundation were essential to the success of the capital campaign.

Humanities Texas also received corporate sponsorship; H-E-B contributed $25,000. Harlan R. Crow of Crow Holdings, LLC of Dallas also donated $25,000. Frost Bank gave $10,000.

The capital campaign had full support and participation from the Humanities Texas Board of Directors. Both current and former Board members donated generously. In fact, funding from private individuals was essential to the success of the capital campaign. Generous donations from Julius and Suzan Glickman and Michael L. and Jeanne Klein inspired others to contribute to the campaign.

Several others made important gifts: Nancy Cain Marcus, Ellen and Buddy Temple, Bettye Nowlin, Michael L. and LeAnn Gillette, Luci Baines Johnson and Ian Turpin, Robert and Peggy Kruckemeyer, Janie and Cappy McGarr, John Thornton, Frances B. Vick, Eleanor Butt Crook, Maceo and Sondra Dailey, Virginia and John Dudley, Laura Reed Dyke, the Ruth Reed Dyke family, Rita Reed George, Mary Margaret and Ray Farabee, Laura and Tom Green, Joy Ann, Bob, Barrett and Blake Havran, Noëlle and Peyton Paulette, Karen and Thomas Byrne Reynolds, Judy and Henry Sauer, Max and Gene Alice Sherman, Mary Volcansek and Harry Antrim, and Bill and Alice Wright.  These gifts, in addition to the many contributions from our members in the Friends of Humanities Texas, made the purchase and restoration of the Byrne-Reed House possible.

We are immensely grateful to these organizations and individuals who pledged support for this project.

Humanities Texas is establishing an endowment to support the organization and the Byrne-Reed House. As federal and state funds diminish, Humanities Texas must do more with less while the population of Texas continues to grow. An endowment will secure the future of the organization and its programs. Every dollar will be an investment in nurturing an informed, educated citizenry and promoting the understanding and appreciation of the state’s varied cultures.

Donations can be made online via PayPal.


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From left to right: Stephen and Jill Wilkinson of the Still Water Foundation; Julius Glickman, past chair of Humanities Texas; and the Honorable Jim Leach, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities
From left to right: Humanities Texas Chair Mary L. Volcansek and Humanities Texas board member Nancy Cain Marcus
Humanities Texas former board member Leslie D. Blanton
Humanities Texas former board members Ellen C. Temple and Francis E. Abernethy
Humanities Texas board member J. Bruce Bugg Jr. and wife Alethea Bugg
Humanities Texas former board member Caren H. Prothro