Upcoming Institutes

The Court and the Constitution (Fall 2021 Online Series)

In the fall of 2021, Humanities Texas will hold a series of 75-minute webinars for history and government teachers focusing on landmark Supreme Court cases in U.S. history.

Schedule and Curriculum

The series will take place via Zoom from 5:00–6:15 p.m. CT on Mondays from October 18 through November 8, 2021. Teachers who register will receive information for each webinar in the series. Attendance for every weekly session is encouraged but not required.

The webinars will focus on milestone cases in Supreme Court history related to civil liberties, civil rights, defining federal power, and criminal procedure. Cases to be discussed include, but are not limited to, Marbury v. Madison (1803), McCullough v. Maryland (1819), Gibbons v. Ogden (1824), Hernandez v. Texas (1954), Mapp v. Ohio (1961), Gideon v. Wainwright (1963), and United States v. Lopez (1995). Content will be aligned with the secondary social studies TEKS, with particular emphasis on the standards for U.S. government and history. 

Like all Humanities Texas teacher programs, the webinar series will be content-based and teacher-centered, with an emphasis on teaching with primary sources and developing effective pedagogical strategies.

Fall 2021 Webinar Schedule:

  • October 18: Separation of Powers and Federalism, Joseph F. Kobylka (Southern Methodist University)
  • October 25: Civil Liberties, Kevin T. McGuire (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • November 1: Criminal Procedure, Alyx Mark (Wesleyan University)
  • November 8: Civil Rights, Carol Nackenoff (Swarthmore College)


The institute is open to secondary-level history and government teachers in Texas schools. Priority consideration will be given to early-career teachers and teachers in low-performing and disadvantaged schools and districts.

CPE Credits

The online program is free to teachers and their schools. Participants will receive CPE credit and a wealth of curricular materials for each session in the series. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to attend every weekly session. CPE hours will be based on Zoom attendance and adjusted if a participant misses any portion of the program. In order to attend the webinars and receive CPE credit, you must be a registered participant.

How to Apply

Complete the online application for the "The Court and the Constitution" online series. By submitting an application, you are signing up to receive information about and access to each weekly session of this series. Please apply as soon as possible, as registration will occur on a rolling basis.


The institute is made possible with major funding from the State of Texas with ongoing support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Questions about Teacher Institutes

Call 512.440.1991 or email institutes@humanitiestexas.org.