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Teaching Shakespeare with The Bard in the Borderlands: Part II (Fall 2023 Webinar)

On December 5, 2023, Humanities Texas will hold a webinar for English language arts (ELA) teachers on strategies for teaching William Shakespeare’s works and the rich tradition of repurposing his plays to reflect the histories and lived realities of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands.

Schedule and Curriculum

The webinar will take place over Zoom from 5:00–6:30 pm CT on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

Serving as a follow-up to our September 2023 webinar “Teaching Shakespeare with The Bard in the Borderlands: Part I” in partnership with the Borderlands Shakespeare Colectiva, this webinar will feature Hamlet from Borderlands perspectives. The webinar will draw on volume 1 of the open-access anthology The Bard in the Borderlands: An Anthology of Shakespeare Appropriations en La Frontera.

Like all Humanities Texas teacher programs, the webinar will emphasize close interaction with scholars, the examination of texts, and the development of effective pedagogical strategies and engaging assignments and activities.


The webinar will be team-taught by the the co-founders of the Borderlands Shakespeare Colectiva: Katherine Gillen and Adrianna M. Santos of Texas A&M University – San Antonio and Kathryn Vomero Santos of Trinity University.


The institute is open to secondary-level English language arts teachers in Texas schools. 

Attendance and CPE Credit

The online program is free to teachers and their schools. Participants will receive CPE credit and a wealth of curricular materials. CPE hours will be based on Zoom attendance and adjusted if a participant misses any portion of the program. In order to attend the webinar and receive CPE credit, you must be a registered participant.

How to Apply

Complete the online application for the "Teaching Shakesepeare with The Bard in the Borderlands: Part II" webinar. Please apply as soon as possible, as registration will occur on a rolling basis. Depending on the number of applicants, Humanities Texas may have to limit attendance for this webinar.  


The webinar is made possible with major funding from the State of Texas with ongoing support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Questions about Teacher Institutes

Call 512.440.1991 or email institutes@humanitiestexas.org.