Africa in the Americas: Slavery in Spanish and Portuguese Realms

Los Negros de Esmeraldas, by Andrés Sánchez Gallque, 1599. Museum of América, Madrid.

Between 1500 and 1800, millions of Africans sailed to the New World against their will, with almost ninety percent going to Spanish and Portuguese colonies. This exhibition explores the lives of Africans during the first three centuries of the American enterprise, with particular emphasis on how the slave trade created the prosperity of the New World and stamped the evolving society with indelible aspects of African culture.


The story of Africa in the Americas: Slavery in Spanish and Portuguese Realms is told through illustrations of paintings, watercolor sketches, details from panoramic panel and mural paintings, engravings, archival documents, color photographs of historic places, and maps and graphs of the origins and destinations of slaves. Panel topics include:

  • Involuntary migration
  • Old World traditions of slavery
  • The Middle Passage
  • The slave market
  • First encounters with native peoples
  • African influences on food and culture
  • Work performed by Africans
  • Domestic, social, and religious life
  • Experience as slaves, rebels, runaways, free persons, patriots, and citizens of Latin American lands, including Florida and the Southwest

Africa in the Americas is an exhibition produced by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

Exhibition Formats

Africa in the Americas: Slavery in Spanish and Portuguese Realms is available in three formats:

Freestanding (Copy 1) 
Content10 double-sided panels (28" x 42")
11 support legs (72" tall)
Space Requirements140 square feet of floor space (14' x 10')
Shipping Weight and DimensionsTravels in 3 plastic cases:
  • 44” x 32” x 11” - 92 lbs.
  • 44” x 32” x 11” - 92 lbs.
  • 79" x 7" x 6"- 35 lbs.
Rental Fee*$400*
Rental Period4 weeks
Wall-hanging (Copy 2) 
Content20 single-sided panels (28” x 42”)
Space Requirements65’ of linear wall space
Shipping Weight and DimensionsTravels in 2 wooden crates:
  • 46” x 38” x 26” - 147 lbs.
  • 46” x 33” x 26” - 135 lbs.
Rental Fee*$500*
Rental Period6 weeks

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Print Materials

A specified number of print materials are provided with this exhibition at no additional cost. Additional copies of these materials may be obtained for a nominal fee:

  • 50 bilingual brochures with an essay on slavery in Mexico
  • 50 bilingual brochures with an essay on slavery in Brazil
  • 10 posters

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