Annexation: Celebrating Texas Statehood

The Annexation of Texas to the Union, by Donald M. Yena, 1986. Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The annexation of Texas as the twenty-eighth member of the United States of America had a profound impact on world events and the course of democracy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This exhibition narrates the story of Texas as a Mexican colony and Republic, its campaign to join the United States, the vote for annexation, and the consequences of that vote. Annexation: Celebrating Texas Statehood invites audiences to become more familiar with one of the defining moments of Texas and U.S. history.


Annexation: Celebrating Texas Statehood features photographs of historic documents, daguerreotypes, sketches, artifacts, and concise texts. Panel topics include: 

  • The Old 300
  • Revolution
  • Quest for statehood
  • Lamar’s Presidency
  • Sam Houston
  • Texas as a nation
  • U.S. debates over Texas
  • The Mexican viewpoint
  • Slavery and annexation
  • The Mexican War
  • Native Americans of Texas
  • Land and power
  • Immigrants
  • Domestic life

Annexation is a traveling exhibition based on an exhibition of original artifacts and documents created by the Texas Capitol Visitors Center and produced by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Exhibition Formats

Annexation: Celebrating Texas Statehood is available in two formats:

Content24 single-sided panels (30" x 42")
Support legs
Space Requirements60 linear feet of wall space
Shipping weight and dimensionsTravels in 4 plastic cases:
  • 45” x 33” x 9” - 86 lbs.
  • 45” x 33” x 9” - 86 lbs.
  • 45” x 33” x 9” - 86 lbs.
  • 45” x 33” x 9” - 86 lbs.
Rental Period6 weeks
Rental Fee*$550
Freestanding (Abridged) 
Content6 double-sided panels (26" x 38")
7 Support legs (72" tall)
Space Requirements96 square feet of floor space (8' x 12')
Shipping weight and dimensionsTravels in 2 plastic cases:
  • 41” x 30” x 11” – 90 lbs
  • 76” x 10” x 9 ” – 33 lbs
Rental Period4 weeks
Rental Fee*$300

*Rental fees are based primarily on the cost of shipping. Prices may vary based on current fuel surcharges or venue location within the state of Texas. Out-of-state rentals are priced on an individual basis. Please call for a rental fee quote specific to your venue.

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On Display

Color sketch of the flag and seal for the Republic of Texas signed by Mirabeau Lamar, by Peter Krag, 1839. Texas State Library and Archives Commission.