The Bonfire of Liberties: Censorship of the Humanities

Santo Domingo y los Albignese, by Pedro Berruguete. Courtesy Art Resources, New York City.

The Bonfire of Liberties: Censorship of the Humanities addresses the difficult topic of censorship. Censorship has been practiced for nearly as long as there have been materials to censor. The Bonfire of Liberties gives an overview of censorship in its various guises over time. Furthermore, it examines the struggle between those who want to censor difficult, controversial, and revolutionary material from sensitive viewers and those who want to protect the freedoms of all people to read, view, and think for themselves. Viewers may be surprised to learn just how many of their favorite books and plays have been censored at some point in history.


Highlighting the impact of censorship as applied to the humanities through the ages, The Bonfire of Liberties: Censorship of the Humanities emphasizes the relevance of censorship to a contemporary audience. Each panel examines a specific subject within censorship through quotes, images, and informative text. Panel topics include: 

  • Forms of censorship
  • Public demands for censorship
  • Freedom to read
  • Religious censorship
  • Censorship of philosophy
  • Drama and theatre
  • Literature
  • Children’s books
  • Art and art history
  • Biography and autobiography
  • World history
  • American history
  • Women and other minorities
  • Censorship of the Bible, Shakespeare, and Huckleberry Finn

The Bonfire of Liberties is an exhibition by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Exhibition Format

Content9 double-sided panels (28” x 38”)
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