NEH Chairman Jim Leach addresses guests at the opening reception for the Byrne-Reed House.

Rita Reed George (left) and Laura Reed Jackson, descendents of one of the families who lived in the historic Byrne-Reed House.

Tom Byrne Reynolds and Laura Reed Jackson.

Byrne and Reed family members: (l to r) Karen Reynolds, Noëlle and Peyton Paulette, Tom Byrne Reynolds, and Laura Reed Jackson, with Mary Fraser from the Office of the Governor.

From left to right: Joseph R. Krier, Michael L. Klein, Julius Glickman.

Guests gather in the Julius and Suzan Glickman Room.

Raymond C. Smock, director of the Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies, with NEH Chairman Jim Leach.

Chris Harte, former HTx board chair Jo Anne Christian, board member Ricardo Romo, and former board member William S. Livingston.

Foreground, left to right: John Dudley, HTx board member Ginger Dudley, Jonathan Kruckemeyer.

Guests at the opening reception, viewed from the grand staircase.

Guests gather on the south terrace.

Guests at the reception.

Rob Gillette and Judge Royal Furgeson.

From left to right: Tamara Patrick, John Patrick of Journeyman Construction, Jan Harris, and Meghan Chaney. Journeyman was the general contractor for the Byrne-Reed House restoration.

From left to right: Karen and Tom Byrne Reynolds and Laura Reed Jackson.

Jill and Jonathan Gerland and former Humanities Texas board members Ellen Temple and Jo Anne Christian.

Cecille Marcato and James Powell.

Ana Villarreal, Bill Strawn, Humanities Texas board member Venus Strawn, and Melissa Huber.

Jeanne Klein, Anthony Alofsin, Michael L. Klein, and Cecilia Alofsin.

Thomas F. and Muffy Staley.

Humanities Texas board member Ray M. Keck III and Paula Kothmann.

Ramona Kelly, Renee DeLaune, Renee Frisbie, LeAnn Gillette, Bill Treacy, and Ray Frisbie.

Tita Valencia and Humanities Texas board member Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth.

The Reed Family.

Noëlle Paulette and David Reed Hall.

Laura Reed Jackson, Rita Reed George, and David Reed Hall.

HS&A project manager Bill McCann and Marsie Stauch. HS&A was the project managment firm for the Byrne-Reed House restoration.

Melissa Huber, Humanities Texas board member Nancy Cain Marcus, and Anthony Alofsin.

NEH Deputy Chairman Carole Watson and Ruth Reed Dyke.

Humanities Texas board member Alwyn Barr and David Gracy.

Humanities Texas board member Vicki Vinson Cantwell and Mary Broussard.

Jan Harris, Norma Yancey, and Tamara Patrick.

Humanities Texas board member Monica Perales and Susanna and Hutch Hill.

David Mincberg, Samantha Gordon, and Lainie Gordon.

From left to right: Board member Joseph R. Krier, Kevin Robnett, Jim Leach, Tony Garza, Mary Fraser, and board member Bruce and Althea Bugg.

HTx board member Larry D. Carver and former board member William P. Wright.

Recognizing Jill Wilkinson for the Still Water Foundation's support of the Byrne-Reed House.

Kathie Tovo, Robert Abzug, Pauline J. Strong, and Austin City Council member Laura Morrison.

Abigail Finch, Allen Finch, NEH Chair Jim Leach, and former HTx board member J. Sam Moore.

Bill and Stacey McCann (left) with John and Tamara Patrick (right).

Stephen and Jill Wilkinson, Julius Glickman, and NEH Chair Jim Leach.

Janet Lake (left) with Outstanding Teaching Award winner Shirlene Bridgewater. Bridgewater will join the HTx board for a term beginning January 1, 2011.

HTx board member Monica Perales, NEH Deputy Chairman Carole Watson, Alice Wright, and William P. Wright at the grand opening.

HTx board member Kit T. Moncrief and Gloria Moncrief Holmsten.