Workshop participants at Education Service Center Region 5.

Albert S. Broussard, former Humanities Texas board member and professor of history at Texas A&M University, speaks about slavery.

Teachers listen to Broussard's lecture.

John Barr, assistant professor of history at Lonestar College-Kingwood, discusses secession.

Jennifer L. Weber, associate professor of history at the University of Kansas, gives a lecture on the Civil War.

Michael Les Benedict, professor emeritus of history at The Ohio State University, shares insights on Reconstruction.

The workshop featured close interaction with faculty.

Albert S. Broussard discusses primary sources including a bill of sale for slaves in Charleston, South Carolina.

John Barr analyzes documents including Jefferson Davis's inaugural address.

Jennifer Weber leads a primary source workshop.

Michael Les Benedict analyzes primary sources with teachers.

John Barr shares insights with teachers.

Albert S. Broussard leads a discussion with workshop participants.

Michael Les Benedict examines primary sources with teachers.