Workshop participants listen to faculty lectures at Region 18 Education Service Center.

Carey H. Latimore, assistant professor of history at Trinity University in San Antonio, speaks about slavery.

Teachers listen to faculty presentations.

Jennifer L. Weber, associate professor of history at the University of Kansas, discusses secession.

Workshop participants at Region 18 Education Service Center.

Donald S. Frazier, professor of history at McMurry University in Abilene, lectures on the Civil War.

Teachers taking notes during faculty presentations.

Michael Les Benedict, professor emeritus of history at The Ohio State University, shares insights on Reconstruction.

Workshop participants in Midland.

Carey H. Latimore leads a primary source workshop.

Jennifer L. Weber shares primary resources related to secession.

Workshop participants examine primary sources.

Michael Les Benedict discusses primary documents related to Reconstruction.

Donald S. Frazier leads a primary source workshop.

The workshop featured close interaction with faculty.

Carey H. Latimore shares insights with workshop participants.

Donald S. Frazier examines primary sources with teachers.

Teachers analyze primary sources during small-group workshops.

Michael Les Benedict and two teachers discuss primary sources related to Reconstruction.

Three teachers during a primary source workshop.