Workshop participants gather at San Antonio's Witte Museum. Fifty teachers representing twenty-six school districts statewide attended the workshop.

Juliana Barr, associate professor of history at the University of Florida, delivers a presentation about Native Texans.

Jesús F. de la Teja, Jerome H. and Catherine E. Supple Professor of Southwestern Studies at Texas State University-San Marcos, discusses the Spanish colonial period.

Caroline Castillo Crimm, professor of history at Sam Houston State University, shares insights on the Mexican national period.

Walter L. Buenger, professor of history at Texas A&M University, discusses Texas's early statehood.

Robert Wooster, Regents Professor of History at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, speaks about Texas during the Civil War.

During lunch, teachers enjoyed 1838: A Moment Between Wars. In this performance, José Francisco Ruiz and José Antonio Navarro, the only two native-born Texan signers of the Texas Declaration of the Independence, reminisce about their roles in creating the Republic and the events that influenced their lives.

Juliana Barr leads an afternoon workshop examining historical documents related to Indian cultures in early Texas and their contact with Spanish colonizers.

Jesús F. de la Teja and a group of teachers analyze maps of Texas during the Spanish colonial period.

Caroline Castillo Crimm leads an afternoon workshop.

Walter L. Buenger shares historical documents related to early statehood.

Robert Wooster examines primary sources offering insight into Texas history during the Civil War.