"Teaching and Understanding Poetry" workshop participants at the Byrne-Reed House in Austin.

Coleman Hutchison, associate professor of English at The University of Texas at Austin, delivers a lecture entitled "Teaching Students to Care and Think about Poetry: Or, Whitman's Facebook and Dickinson's Tweets."

Betty Sue Flowers, professor emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin and former director of the LBJ Presidential Library, proposes several strategies for encouraging student interest in poetry in her talk “Why Read a Poem?”

Daniel Farias of San Antonio’s Johnson High School asks Betty Sue Flowers a question following her lecture.

In her presentation "Walking through an Open Door: Encouraging Creative Writing with Young People," the distinguished writer Naomi Shihab Nye draws on her years of experience working as a poet-in-the-schools.

Using Langston Hughes's "I, Too" as a model text, Coleman Hutchison discusses close reading strategies with teachers during an afternoon seminar.

Rosemary Catacalos, 2013 Texas Poet Laureate, explains how in-class creative writing exercises can be a valuable teaching tool.

Betty Sue Flowers discusses the poem "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by Wallace Stevens with teachers during an afternoon seminar.

A teacher presents her response to a creative writing exercise lead by Rosemary Catacalos.