Black Art—Ancestral Legacy: The African Impulse in African American Art

This exhibition addresses the question posed by African American poet Countee Cullen in 1926: “What is Africa to me?”  This exhibition provides a number of examples from twentieth-century African American artists—both trained and untrained—that visually respond to this question. These modern artists draw heavily on African influence, while simultaneously reinterpreting it for a different time and place. The exhibition surveys the work of forty-five artists, including unknown Africans and Haitians, through photographs, posters, and concise texts. For more information, contact the Wells Branch Community Library.

February 1–
March 1, 2020
Wells Branch Community Library
15001 Wells Port Dr.
Austin, TX 78728


Map of event location
Initiation—Liberia, by Lois Mailou Jones, 1983. Collection of the artist. Photograph by Tom Jenkins, Dallas Museum of Art.