In His Own Words: The Life and Work of César Chávez

César Chávez at work in the community garden at La Paz in Keene, California, by Cathy Murphy, former staff photographer for the United Farm Workers, 1976. Photo reprinted with permission of the César E. Chávez Foundation and Cathy Murphy.

“All my life, I have been driven by one dream, one goal, one vision: To overthrow a farm labor system in this nation which treats farm workers as if they were not important human beings. Farm workers are not agricultural implements; they are not beasts of burden to be used and discarded. That dream was born in my youth. It was nurtured in my early days of organizing. It has flourished. It has been attacked." — César Chávez, address to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, November 9, 1984


Featuring thirty-eight photographs paired with excerpts from his dynamic speeches, interviews, and authoritative writings, In His Own Words: The Life and Work of César Chávez documents the full course of Chávez’s remarkable career and examines the life experiences and philosophical influences that drove him to dedicate himself fully to improving the lives of American farm workers. 

In His Own Words is an exhibition by Humanities Texas, state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, curated in collaboration with John C. Hammerback, PhD.

In His Own Words is made possible in part by a We the People grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

For more information on the life and legacy of César Chávez, visit the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation online.

Additional primary source documents and photographs related to César Chávez and the farm workers movement are available online through the Farmworker Movement Documentation Project.

Exhibition Format


LanguageEnglish; Spanish
Content38 framed and matted photograph/quote pairings (25” x 25”)
1 title panel
2 subtext panels
Video presentation (DVD)
Space Requirements130 feet of linear wall space
Shipping Weight and DimensionsTravels in 1 anvil crate with wheels and 1 plastic case:
  • 30” x 44” x 35” - 335 lbs.
  • 38” x 30” x 3” - 25 lbs.
Rental Fee*$700
Rental Period6 weeks

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