From iTunesU to distance learning courses at colleges and universities around the world, educators increasingly find themselves speaking to audiences that aren’t physically present. At the Virginia-based Teaching Company, which produces college-level audio and video courses for the not-for-credit continuing education market, Lucinda Robb, director of professor development, focuses on finding scholars and presenters who have mastered this difficult challenge. According to Robb, the three most important elements in an effective recorded lecture are "preparation, organization, and engagement."

Robb visited the Byrne-Reed House on April 19, 2011, to give a lecture entitled "An Audience You Can’t See" as part of ACCESS to Learning, Inc.’s annual general meeting. ACCESS, which stands for "Austin Collaborative of Cultural and Educational Sites and Schools," connects schools and teachers with educational resources from museums, historical societies, and more. The organization regularly rents Humanities Texas's traveling exhibitions, which are then displayed at numerous Austin-area public schools. Humanities Texas cosponsored Robb's lecture, which took place in the Julian and Suzan Glickman Room.

Clif Drummond, Lucinda Robb, and Michael L. Gillette at the ACCESS to Learning meeting.