On November 30, 2012, forty-two teachers participated in a workshop organized by Humanities Texas and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) on American military conflicts of the past 150 years. The workshop was held in conjunction with the MFAH exhibition WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath.

The workshop addressed topics including the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. In addition to dynamic lectures and small-group discussions, teachers enjoyed a tour of the WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY exhibition given by Anne Wilkes Tucker, the museum's Gus and Lyndall Wortham Curator of Photography.

Distinguished faculty included Robert M. Citino (University of North Texas), David F. Crew (The University of Texas at Austin), Jeremi Suri (The University of Texas at Austin), and Jennifer L. Weber (University of Kansas).

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst also spoke at the workshop, describing the experience of his father, a pilot, who led a squadron of bombers on D-Day, attacking Nazi gun emplacements only minutes before the infantry landed on Utah Beach.

Insights from "American Wars"

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