On April 6, 2018, Texas A&M University-San Antonio will host Latinx Shakespeare: A Borderlands Drama Symposium.

The symposium will bring together scholars, teachers, and theater practitioners for a day of conversation, workshops, and theater exploring the intersections of Shakespeare and Latinx drama. Participants will discuss the exciting ways in which Latinx artists are engaging with Shakespeare and how to teach and perform both Shakespeare and Latinx drama in innovative, culturally relevant ways. In addition to panels, the symposium will include a keynote by University of Southern California professor Carla Della Gatta, a pedagogy workshop, and a performance by Houston-based playwright Josh Inocéncio.

This program is made possible in part by a grant from Humanities Texas. For a full schedule of events and more information about Latinx Shakespeare: A Borderlands Drama Symposium, visit the event website.