Presidents' Day and George Washington's birthday are observed on the third Monday of every February, but you can celebrate throughout the year with A President's Vision, Humanities Texas's innovative suite of posters and online resources for students and classroom teachers, history lovers, and lifelong learners alike.

At the centerpiece of the series are seven posters examining the programs and initiatives that advanced the presidencies of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Johnson, and Reagan. Online resources, including a rich set of curriculum materials and primary sources from the National Archives, Library of Congress, and Amon Carter Museum of American Art, among others, supplement the posters and place each presidency within the broader context of U.S. history.

The website also features high-resolution downloads of each poster as well as interactive versions with audio and video.

We hope you enjoy exploring A President's Vision this February and beyond!

George Washington poster from the series A President's Vision.