Just in time for the third anniversary of our move back into the restored Byrne-Reed House, a stunning historic reproduction chandelier was installed in the first-floor gallery on August 5, 2013. This showcase fixture is integral to the history of the home and is a generous gift of Jeanne and Mickey Klein.

The fate of the original chandelier, believed to have been crafted by ironworker Fortunat Weigl, was unknown when Humanities Texas purchased the Byrne-Reed House in 2006, but the wrought iron fixture was documented in historic photographs belonging to the Reed family.

Ken Johnson of Architects Clayton&Little used these photographs to extrapolate the dimensions of the chandelier and its individual elements. Humanities Texas staff member Lindsey Wall used a variety of techniques to enhance the images in order to identify the intricate details.   

The reproduction chandelier is completely hand-forged by Austin-based architect and craftsman Lars Stanley and his team at Lars Stanley Metalworks. The project was managed by Robert F. Smith, and Phil Conrad from Maverick Electric wired the fixture and oversaw its installation in the Byrne-Reed House. 

The slideshow below includes historic photographs of the original chandelier as well as pictures of the fabrication and installation of the new reproduction fixture.