Humanities Texas opened its doors on Sunday, September 23, 2012 to participate in the fifteenth annual Austin Museum Day. The public was invited to tour the historic Byrne-Reed House, learn about Humanities Texas public programs, and view our newest traveling exhibition, Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World, produced by the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary, Philadelphia, and the American Library Association. Museum Day marked the first time Humanities Texas hosted one of its own exhibitions at the Byrne-Reed House. The building's spacious first floor was an ideal setting.

Humanities Texas was one of many Austin-area museums and cultural sites that participated in Austin Museum Day. Organized by the Austin Museum Partnership, this popular program offers free exhibitions and activities at participating venues around the city.

The Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World exhibition chronicles the remarkable life and achievements of one of America’s most beloved personalities. Besides serving his country as a skillful diplomat and negotiator, Benjamin Franklin was a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, humorist, and philanthropist whose wisdom and wit continue to inspire and entertain us more than three hundred years after his birth. Franklin is presented in the context of the eighteenth century and as a brilliant and unconventional man of his times, rather than as the venerable, bespectacled, and grandfatherly figure with whom we are all familiar. 

Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World is now available for rental through the Humanities Texas traveling exhibitions program. The exhibition features six sections of colorful photo and text panels that explore topics including Franklin's self-education, career as Philadelphia's premier printer, political and scientific contributions, and philosophical and religious beliefs. 

Learn more about reserving Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World for your venue or community.


The traveling exhibition Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World on display in the dining room.
Visitors enjoy Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World on display in the Julius and Suzan Glickman Room.
A visitor reads about Benjamin Franklin's life and work in the gallery.