This month, Humanities Texas is pleased to feature 2016 Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities Award winner Emily Greer of Jackson Elementary School in Tyler.

On Thursday, January 26, 2017, Melissa J. Huber, director of exhibitions and public programs at Humanities Texas, presented Greer with her $5,000 award.

A well-loved and respected teacher on campus, Greer follows an interdisciplinary approach to teaching music and fine arts to kindergarteners through fifth graders. With innovative lessons and classroom activities that incorporate history, geography, and literature, Greer encourages her students to make connections across disciplines, thus experiencing a deeper engagement with the music and art they study. Her students research and write about famous composers, dive deeper into classical music with a program through Carnegie Hall called "Link Up," and learn American folk songs that they then share with a Hungarian music classroom via Skype.

"I believe that if students are able to make connections with the song, game, music, theater, or art about which we are learning, they will have a more meaningful interaction and gain a greater understanding of the world around us," said Greer.

"Ms. Greer is a visionary educator who integrates the arts into all aspects of our campus," said Jennifer Bailey, principal of Jackson Elementary School. "She works closely with the classroom teachers to provide cross-curricular connections in music class and during our enrichment time to provide well-rounded and robust learning for our students. We are so very honored and pleased for this recognition of Ms. Greer's dedication to teaching excellence and student success."

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From l to r: Chapel Hill ISD Board Members Tammy Humes, Martin Ibarra, and Gregory Ford; Jackson Elementary School Principal Jennifer Bailey; Outstanding Teaching Award winner Emily Greer; Humanities Texas Director of Exhibitions Public Programs Melissa J. Huber; and Superintendent of Schools for Chapel Hill ISD Donni Cook.
Emily Greer (center) surrounded by Jackson Elementary School students at her award ceremony in January 2017.