Attention, teachers! Humanities Texas wants to know: What are your favorite online educational resources? What humanities-based websites or digital collections are particularly useful for preparing lessons, assignments, and in-class activities? What websites have your students found helpful or interesting?

Please send your response to, and we will feature popular and innovative online resources in a future e-newsletter.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore some of the educational resources we make available through the Humanities Texas website!

Digital Repository

This searchable and ever-expanding online repository includes historical documents, works of art, video recordings of teacher institute faculty lectures, audio recordings from the radio series Texas Originals, and countless other resources from Humanities Texas’s array of public programs.

Texas Originals

Texas Originals is a radio series profiling individuals who have had a profound influence upon Texas history and culture. We also provide a downloadable guide to the how the program supports the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for social studies courses.

A President’s Vision

An innovative suite of U.S. history curriculum materials, A President's Vision examines the aspirations of seven notable U.S. presidents and the programs and initiatives that advanced each man’s vision. Online resources include primary sources from the National Archives, the Library of Congress, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, and other repositories, all of which help students see each presidency within the broader context of U.S. history.

Congress Creates the Bill of Rights

Congress Creates the Bill of Rights is an educational resource developed by the National Archives in collaboration with Humanities Texas. The resource consists of three elements: an eBook, a mobile app for tablets, and online resources for teachers and students. Each provides a distinct way of exploring how the First Congress proposed amendments to the Constitution in 1789.

Online Educational Resources

Humanities Texas has assembled links to a number of high-quality, online educational resources to supplement the ones that we have developed. We recommend these websites and online collections for creating lessons and dynamic activities and encouraging a deeper understanding of the humanities.

Charles Flanagan (National Archives) demonstrates the Congress Creates the Bill of Rights mobile app during a Humanities Texas teacher workshop.
A page of results from the Humanities Texas Digital Repository.
Posters from A President's Vision.