Africa in the Americas: Slavery in Spanish and Portuguese Realms

This Humanities Texas traveling exhibition explores the lives of Africans during the first three centuries of the American enterprise, with particular emphasis on how the slave trade created the prosperity of the New World and stamped the evolving society with indelible aspects of African culture. This exhibition features illustrations of paintings, watercolor sketches, details from panoramic panel and mural paintings, engravings, archival documents, color photographs of historic places, and maps and graphs of the origins and destinations of slaves. For more information, please contact the Windsor Village United Methodist Church.

January 26 – February 3, 2018
Windsor Village United Methodist Church
6011 West Orem Dr.
Houston, TX 77085


Map of event location
Los Negros de Esmeraldas, by Andrés Sánchez Gallque, 1599. Museum of América, Madrid.