The Art of Chivalry: European Arms and Armor

The Rider on the White Horse (Jesus Christ leading the Crusaders), ca. 1310-1325, British Library, London.

The knight in shining armor is one of the most compelling and contradictory figures ever to ride through the pages of history. Though versed in the art of war, knights followed a chivalric code that demonstrated the cultural and social values of knightly conduct. Based on a major traveling exhibition by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this exhibition explores the art of chivalry, the nature and tools of chivalric warfare, and the heritage of the chivalric code.


The Art of Chivalry: European Arms and Armor utilizes photographs, illustrations, and explanatory text to explore the age of chivalry. Panel topics include: 

  • Shields
  • Helmets
  • Swords
  • War-hammer, mace, and pike
  • Plate armor for man and horse
  • Knights of history, religion, and poetry
  • Firearms

The Art of Chivalry is an exhibition developed by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, in collaboration with the Witte Museum, San Antonio and with assistance from the American Federation of Arts. 

Exhibition Format

Content9 double-sided panels (27" x 39")
Support legs
Space Requirements90 square feet of floor space (18' x 5')
Shipping Weight and DimensionsTravels in 3 plastic cases:
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  • 41” x 31” x 9” – 70 lbs
  • 79” x 8” x 8” – 40 lbs
Rental Fee*$350*
Rental Period4 weeks

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Print Materials

A specified number of print materials are provided with this exhibition at no additional cost. Additional copies of these materials may be obtained for a nominal fee: 

  • 1 exhibition catalog
  • 10 posters

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On Display

Armor for Knight and Horse, Italian, ca. 1575. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Maximilian Amor (so-called), German, ca. 1575. Metropolitan Museum of Art.