This October, Humanities Texas will hold professional development workshops throughout the state for Texas social studies teachers.

The American Revolution

Workshops on teaching the American Revolution will take place in Austin (October 4), Houston (October 5), and Lufkin (October 6). Topics to be addressed include the colonies' growing separation from Britain, the Declaration of Independence, turning points of the Revolutionary War, and George Washington as war leader. Workshop faculty include Denver Brunsman (George Washington University), Woody Holton (University of South Carolina), James Kirby Martin (University of Houston), and Bill Meier (Texas Christian University).

Teaching the U.S. Constitution

Workshops on teaching the U.S. Constitution will take place in Fort Worth (October 26) and Dallas (October 27). Topics to be addressed include the Articles of Confederation, compromises made in adopting the Constitution, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist debates on the Constitution's ratification, and the Bill of Rights. Workshop faculty include Charles Flanagan (National Archives), Joseph Kobylka (Southern Methodist University), James Kirby Martin (University of Houston), Thomas Pangle (UT Austin), and Mary Volcansek (Texas Christian University).

Teachers at all workshops will receive books and other instructional materials and be trained in the examination and interpretation of primary sources. Content at all of our fall workshops will be aligned with the TEKS. For details on eligibility, substitute and travel reimbursements, and venues or to apply online, visit the Upcoming Institutes page on the Humanities Texas website.

Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, 1851. Gift of John Stewart Kennedy, 1897. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Scene at the Signing of the Constitution by Howard Chandler Christy, 1940. Courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol, Washington, DC.