Complete the following online application, designating which Humanities Texas workshop you wish to attend.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We encourage teachers to apply as soon as possible.

Application does not guarantee your participation. Following receipt of your application, Humanities Texas will contact you by email to let you know if space is available and to provide you with important information about the event.

Humanities Texas may send a press release about the program to your local paper should you attend. By submitting this application, you authorize Humanities Texas to share your contact information and photograph with members of the press.

Workshop or Institute Selection
Personal Information
Please provide your phone number without any accompanying symbols (eg. 5124401991).
Please provide your phone number without any accompanying symbols (eg. 5124401991).
Please provide the name of the person our staff should contact in the event of an emergency during the program.
Please provide your emergency contact's phone number without any accompanying symbols (eg. 5124401991).
Home Address
School Information
Substitute Reimbursement Information
Humanities Texas reimburses schools $80 per attendee to cover the cost of substitutes for teachers who attend our professional development workshops. In order to see that these funds are delivered promptly and to the correct location, we ask for your help below. Please identify whether reimbursements should be sent to your school or your district office (reimbursement payee), who the reimbursement should be sent to (reimbursement attention), and that person's address. If your school does NOT require substitute reimbursement, please let us know by responding "no" to the first question below.
(E.g., Spring ISD or Spring High School)
(E.g., Andrew Bowman, Principal's Secretary)
This is the name of the school or district to which we will mail the payment (e.g., Spring ISD or Spring High School).
*Please disregard for one day workshops.
Professional Information
Including this year. E.g., if this year is your fifth year of teaching, enter the number 5. Round to the nearest whole year (e.g., 7 not 6.5).
Please be sure to include the SUBJECTS you teach, the FULL NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL, the CITY in which your school is located, and your INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES.
Example: Sylvia González is a native of Arizona but has lived in El Paso for the past twenty years. She currently teaches U.S. and Texas history at Hamilton Middle School and coaches the school's debate team. In 2005, El Paso ISD recognized her as Outstanding Teacher of the Year. When she isn't at school, she enjoys jogging, skiing, and traveling throughout the Southwest with her husband, Donald.
Examples of circumstances to describe: If you have applied to more than one of our upcoming programs, please list the others to which you have applied. If you are a language arts teacher but are applying to attend a social studies workshop, explain how you will use the social studies content in your classroom. If you have been teaching for many years but recently switched to a subject pertinent to this workshop, please note. If you would like to attend with your team teacher, please identify your colleague and explain how the two of you will make use of the training. If you have any travel restrictions, please describe. Etc.
Please submit a photo of yourself for use in the institute program and promotional materials.
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Questions about Teacher Institutes

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