Humanities Texas offers a range of instructional resources and materials on our website that curriculum coordinators, educators, and families can use while students are away from their school classrooms. This month, we are highlighting our online teacher resource guides.

These topically-organized resource guides serve as roadmaps for teachers of Texas history, eighth-grade U.S. history, eleventh-grade U.S. history, and English language arts to the content on our website that will be most helpful to them.

In addition to resources developed by Humanities Texas—such as A President's Vision, Texas Originals, and our Digital Repository—we have curated a list of online collections that encourage a deeper understanding of the humanities through their readily available lessons and dynamic activities.

We regularly add new educational resources to these guides and webpages—please check back for updates!

Humanities Texas makes a wide range of education resources available on our website, such as our Digital Repository, which includes historical documents, works of art, video recordings of faculty lectures, and episodes of our Texas Originals radio program.