Byrne-Reed House

Preservation Studio

A graduate historic preservation studio at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture selected Humanities Texas's Byrne-Reed House as a major semester project in fall 2007. Led by professors Michael Holleran and Wayne Bell, the students conducted historical and architectural research about the Byrne-Reed House and the surrounding neighborhood.

The students studied the Byrne-Reed House over a period of several weeks, peaking above the acoustical tile ceilings, taking measurements to reconstruct the original floor plan, and documenting the historical material that remained in tact.

A computer model by Robyn Williams Heeks illustrated how the restoration would lower energy use. In addition to providing useful information about the historical milieu of the surrounding neighborhood, Shonda Mace identified a nearby house likely designed by the same architect or builder. 

Tenaya Hills and Casey Gallagher helped Humanities Texas begin to consider how best to restore existing interior and exterior materials and how to reconstruct missing elements. Namrata Venkatraman's thorough documentation of the floor plan assisted us in our initial space-planning efforts.

After presenting their findings to architectural professionals and peers in a studio review on October 1, 2007, the students shared this research with Humanities Texas board members and other guests during a building tour in mid-October.

We are delighted that the Byrne-Reed House could provide an educational experience for these students and look forward to continuing our collaboration with UT Austin and other interested organizations.

UT School of Architecture graduate students in the Preservation Studio course led by professors Wayne Bell and Dr. Michael Holleran (center).
Historic preservation graduate student Casey Gallagher presents her research to members of the Humanities Texas board.