This spring, Humanities Texas will hold three workshops for social studies and language arts teachers across the state.

In February 2015, two one-day workshops on the U.S. in World War II will take place in Austin (February 12) and Dallas (February 13). Topics to be addressed include the turning points of the war in Europe, mobilization and the home front, and the war in the Pacific. Workshop faculty includes Maury Klein (University of Rhode Island), Arnold Krammer (Texas A&M University), Brian Linn (Texas A&M University), Todd Moye (University of North Texas), Joseph Pratt (University of Houston), and Nancy Beck Young (University of Houston).

On March 6, 2015, Humanities Texas will hold a one-day workshop in Houston focusing on the literature and history of the Harlem Renaissance. Faculty presentations will provide a historical introduction to the Harlem Renaissance and focused consideration of the writings of Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, among others. Faculty will also help participants develop ideas for effective writing and research assignments related to the Harlem Renaissance. Workshop faculty includes Cary D. Wintz (Texas Southern University), Heather D. Russell (Florida International University), and Brian A. Bremen and Jennifer M. Wilks from The University of Texas at Austin.

Teachers at all workshops will receive books and other instructional materials and be trained in the examination and interpretation of primary sources. Content at all three workshops will be aligned with the TEKS. For details on eligibility, substitute and travel reimbursements, and venues or to apply online, visit the Upcoming Institutes page on the Humanities Texas website.

Arnold Krammer (Texas A&M University) leads a workshop at our July 2013 "America at War in the Twentieth Century" institute in San Antonio.
Jennifer M. Wilks (The University of Texas at Austin) shares primary sources with teachers at our February 2014 "Harlem Renaissance" workshop in Austin.